Ques.     Will the technician performing the cleaning have any certification ?

 Ans.       Yes. All our technicians are certified Air Systems Cleaning                              Specialistand Ventilation Systems Mold Remediators.

Ques.     Why should I have my air ducts cleaned ?

 Ans.       Dirt,Dust,Dead Skin Flakes,Dust-Mites and Mold Spores just to                        name a few of the accumulations that could be lingering inside                      your air ducts. In addition (indoor air can be two to five times                      more polluted than outdoor air). This statement is reprinted from                the EPA.

Ques.      How often should I have my air ducts cleaned ?

 Ans.       Well that is a great question studies show that it is                                        recommend anywhere between 1 - 3 years to maintain                                  your air conditioning system to optimum conditions thus improving                the efficiency and preventing any breakdowns.